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Leading offshore recruitment, payroll and office space provider located in Makati, the central business district of the Philippines.

When it comes to growing your team, setting up payroll and taxes for your employees and office space, Penbrothers is here to help.

Located in Makati business district, Penbrothers makes it easier for start up companies to focus on their business by taking care of the hiring and staffing, payroll and office space for a fraction of the cost.

Company Profile

Nicolas - Penbrothers Co-founder

Nicolas Bivero


Penbrothers - Gui Faria

Gui Faria


Penbrothers - Gabrielle Pratte

Gabrielle Pratte

Managing Partner

Starting as a necessity of what was missing in Manila, Nicolas and Gui used their 15 years of corporate and startup working knowledge to create Penbrothers. Experienced about global business practices such as Japan, Australia, US, Philippines, Switzerland, and China, the “more than a co-working space” concept opened its doors in December 2014. Locally, they adopted Gabrielle, who added Filipino management knowledge and cross culture experience.

It is amazing to see what we have evolved to, from a small simple office, to a vast multifunctional space. Experience taught us that people produce their best work in an environment where they can strive — that has become our mission.

Gabrielle Pratte, Managing Partner

Our Mission

To reverse the brain drain by creating the infrastructure needed which allows Filipinos to work for foreign and local start-ups and SME, they would otherwise not be able to work for.

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