Need to Improve Your Business? Let Local Seminars Like This One Help You!

This article was originally published by When In Manila last November 20, 2019.

Words and Photos by Patricia Yap 

Running a business is not an easy task–and starting one isn’t any less difficult.

As the leaders of future businesses and companies, you want to make sure that you do what’s right and effective in order for your creation to become the best. Unfortunately, this isn’t easy—especially when you don’t even know where to start.

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Attendees listening intently to the seminar

For one, marketing is an integral part of any business or company in propelling to success. Recognized name brands and corporations definitely know how tough competition can be in the management world, so they already have strategic marketing plans that work best for them.

So, how will start-ups like yourself be able to compete? How will you bridge yourself to success?

Well, like any individual stuck in a rut, what you can do best is to learn and experience. One great way to learn how to be market savvy and successful is through attending local seminars driven by professionals in the field of marketing.

A good example of a local seminar that did this just recently was Ambidextr.

Speakers: Elyssa Lopez (Left) and Sofia Galve (Right)

Ambidextr is a rising marketing agency in Paseo, Makati. On October 23, 2019, this marketing agency held a seminar entitled “Activating Impact: Mastering the Art of Thought Leadership.” Many attendees who wanted to create, improve, or innovate their businesses flocked to the Penbrothers Space in OPL Building, Makati to join.

During the seminar, former writer for Esquire Philippines and Entrepreneur Philippines Elyssa Lopez and Ambidextr Co-Founder and business writer Sofia Galve discussed relevant and effective ways businesses can grow through efficient content marketing. Lopez’s talk was titled “When Attentions Are Short, Go Long – The Case of Long-Form Content for Your Brand,” while Galve had a discussion on “Activating Impact: Why Companies Need Thought-Leadership.”

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An attendee sharing his experience

Take a glimpse at what happened so that you, too, can expect what local seminars like this can do for you and your business!

Experienced Professionals and Savvy Topics 

Wanting the best for our future endeavors is only natural, so Ambidextr and their team did just that. As a full-service content marketing studio, Ambidextr is the arm of some of the Asia Pacific’s leading technological companies. They’re unique in the field because of their literary expertise likened to an editorial press, coupled with the creative and innovative eye of a visual studio. Not only are they skilled, but they also share user empathy in design consultation.

With this, they provided the best speakers with the most relevant topics. Speakers Elyssa Lopez and Sofia Galve shared their knowledge and experience on two of the best ways you can improve your business—long-form utilization and thought-leadership practice.

Unusual Yet Effective Techniques 

Elyssa Lopez giving her talk on long-form relevance and utilization

Speaking of literary expertise, Lopez discussed interesting takes on long-form content in the age of people’s short attention spans. During her session, attendees were surprised about her recommendations and preference for long-form rather than the short-form content that floods media nowadays.

Lopez integrated this concept with current consumer trends. She said that going online for your business content is only natural in the Philippines because of our internet use. With different social and internet platforms, each one varies with a specific use and reach. Therefore, it is important to know how to do proper content atomization. The common direction is then to go short-form, however, Lopez explains the relevance of why businesses should go for long-form. Its relevance had something to do with specific target market, credibility, proper timing, and platform diversity.

Overall, Lopez’s session gave business attendees a different perspective on what they thought was not the ideal content creation. If you were to attend seminars like this, you’ll definitely be surprised by the unexpected new information and techniques professionals have for you.

Insight on Other Brands’ Stories

Sofia Galve giving her talk on thought-leadership

While Lopez shared knowledge on efficient content creation, Sofia Galve, during her session, shed light on the expansive benefits of practicing “Thought-Leadership.” This is a mindful way of thinking that all business practitioners should have as it can effectively lighten the load of marketing, she said.

The key benefits of thought-leadership are broad. As businesses and people that practice it, you are able to educate the market on innovation, improve your share of voice through media exposure, build credibility and authority, and overall generate leads and sales as you are more exposed online.

On top of her discussion, Galve was able to further deepen her discussion by integrating the experiences and stories of brands that have failed and have succeeded through this practice; citing brands like the old Webvan grocery business and the local transport service Angkas. These were insider information that attendees were able to enjoy—information you won’t get as directly from other sources than in seminars like this.

Business Doesn’t Always Have to Be Serious 

Ambidextr team member Joanna Viegan entertaining an attendee

Apart from the knowledge and practice gained during the seminar, attendees were also able to let loose and have fun! Here, attendees were able to mingle with other management practitioners like them, in a more personal and honest manner rather than just having the common formal and rigid conversations. Ice breaker games such as “Getting-to-Know-You” activities and “Bring Me” were included in the program—enjoyable moments that you can also experience when you attend marketing seminars.

Attendees playing an ice breaker game

We hope this article gave you a good glimpse into what to expect from your local marketing seminars!

For more info on Ambidextr, go to their website.